Creative workshops for and by the transgender community.


The Trans Art School is organized by Trans Amsterdam, the transgender organization for art, culture and lifestyle.

Art and culture connect and is the ideal means to show that we are more than our gender.


With our workshops, we hope to create a connection for the transgender community in a safe, positive and empowering way.

Who is the Trans Art School for?

Our first workshop programs in 2020 focus on three specific groups:

  • Trans Children (6-12 years) and their parents/guardians

  • Trans Youth (up to 25 years)

  • Trans Newcomers 


Of course, all persons who want to define their gender identity or gender expression differently, or do not wish to define it, are also welcome to register at the Trans Art School.


Transgender, intersex, non-binary, genderqueer, or gender fluid; everyone is welcome to develop their talents through the workshops and to meet an equal-minded and accepting community in an accessible way.

When does the Trans Art School start?

In November 2019, TransAmsterdam launched the "Trans Art School" with great enthusiasm in an Open Day event. In the course of 2020, the Trans Arts School will start with 6 workshop weekends, spread throughout the year.

The first weekend was scheduled in the second week of April, but because of the Corona virus, we had to cancel it. We will keep you posted if more cancellations occur. Be safe and take good care of each other. More info here.


What is the program?

Every workshop weekend will look different in terms of the program. It is, therefore, possible to attend all 6 weekends.


The different groups are also taken into account, and the program can be slightly different for each group.

There is an enormous number of enthusiastic teachers and an even greater diversity of art forms and creative sessions.


Some examples are; music, rap, spoken word, writing, dance, theatre, drag makeup, photography, film, presenting, sports, martial arts.


Sign up for the newsletter and you will be kept informed as soon as the program for the April weekend is known.

How much does it cost to participate?

Fortunately, thanks to financing, Trans Amsterdam can offer these weekends at a low price. The costs for participation are 5 euros per person per full workshop day. Contact us for sponsorship if you could not participate due to your financial situation.

If you would like to make a donation, or on the contrary want to offer financial support (for example, for people who have difficulty paying the travel costs), please contact us.

Where is the Trans Art School?

The workshops are organized in the

Meevaart in Amsterdam East, within walking distance from Muiderpoort Station.


De Meevaart is a community centre used for several for social purposes.

Public Events

The purpose of the Trans Art School is to provide a safe space and a creative stage for our

community. We value safety, anonymity and respect for all participants, we take this into consideration during our events.

Are you enthusiastic about the workshops and would like to show your talents to a wider audience?

Then in the course of 2020, there will also be some public events from Trans Amsterdam, in which you are always welcome to be in the spotlight.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Trans Art School in 2020. For the latest news about upcoming activities; subscribe to our newsletter.

For other information or questions, contact our coordinators via Trans Art School: tas@transamsderdam.nl


Security and anonymity


The Meevaart is a public building, this gives a feeling of safety and anonymity because nobody knows for which organization or event you are attending.

During the workshop weekends, our activities will take place behind closed doors on a floor reserved for us only. We hope that this will create a pleasant creative space where everyone can feel at ease.

Respect for your privacy is our priority: during workshops, you determine whether and how you take the stage that we offer you.

If there is photography or filming during a workshop, then this will ALWAYS be clearly stated in advance.

Moreover, the same workshop will also be repeated without the presence of cameras.

©TransAmsterdam 2020

©TransAmsterdam 2020

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